Brite Smile

A Smile That’s Worth a Thousand Words

There’s no one with a smile quite like yours. And yet, maybe you don’t smile because you’re self-conscious about the color of your teeth. If so, you may want to consider dentist-supervised tooth whitening as an effective and safe means of achieving shiny, healthy-looking white teeth. The process can lighten your teeth color, with one treatment lasting as long as 5 years. In fact, not only have recent studies have proven whitening both safe and effective, but a number of the required products have also received The American Dental Association’s seal of approval. And although some patients notice slight gum irritation or tooth sensitivity during the process, this typically ends after the process is complete.

Conditions & Considerations

If you think you’d like to whiten your smile, you’ll want to discuss the details with Dr. Burross, Jackson, and Ratzlaff. They can help you determine how it may impact your particular situation, and which of the specific whitening systems would best suit your needs. That’s because some people are simply better candidates than others for a successful whitening treatment. For about 90 percent of patients, the most satisfactory results are obtained when teeth have been darkened to a yellow, brownish or orange tinge from age, coffee, tea, or smoking. However, dark gray tones resulting from fluorosis, smoking or tetracycline use may respond less dramatically to whitening. Further, whitening does not lighten artificial materials such as resins, silicants or porcelains. Finally, sensitive teeth, teeth with periodontal disease, and teeth with worn enamel may not respond well to whitening.

Methods & Materials

Several whitening methods are available, but most patients choose ‘dentist-supervised at-home whitening’. In this process, a few simple steps are required. First, our hygienists makes an impression of your teeth, so that we can fabricate a comfortable, lightweight, customized whitening tray appliance. The trays are thin and comfortable enough to be worn night or day, during conversation, working, sleeping, etc. When your trays are ready, we’ll give you usage instructions, the necessary whitening materials, and written recommendations for whitening session lengths. Typically, a system including two to four ‘treatment’ hours per day will require three to six weeks to complete; those including nighttime wear may be completed within 10 to 14 days.

Results & Rave Reviews

Although it’s tough to predict the exact shade that the whitening process will create for your particular teeth, you can generally anticipate a two-shade improvement as indicated on our shade guide. And remember, you’ll preserve your new, brighter smile better by abstaining from habits like smoking and coffee/tea drinking. If you should notice a dulling to the new color after one to five years, a touch-up procedure may be helpful’and will usually be less costly than the first, since the original whitening trays may often be reused. And, second treatments are often faster as well.